About us

About Sollertis

Professional integrated solutions, a unique and responsible approach to each client with comprehensive attention to all details and aspects of projects: Sollertis has been supplying professional equipment and accessories for restaurant kitchens, laundries and dry cleaners for more than 10 years. We also offer our clients professional solutions for the hygiene of facilities, professional technological design of any complexity level, personnel training, high-quality and qualified warranty and service maintenance of equipment, we constantly maintain in stock a full list of spare parts and consumables necessary for the smooth operation of our clients.

About Us

Sollertis was incorporated in 2011. Today the company has a staff of qualified employees, some of whom have more than 20 years of substantive professional experience with professional equipment and technologies. Our company is one of the leaders in the Ukrainian market in its field of activity. The central office of Sollertis is located in Kyiv, our regional offices also operate in the cities of Lviv and Odessa.


We are engaged in the following areas:

  • Professional consulting, process development and technological

   design. Commissioning, training of personnel and maintenance of facilities;

  • Supply of equipment for restaurant kitchens;
  • Supply of equipment for dry cleaners and laundries;
  • Professional hygiene of laundries and kitchens;
  • Supply of detergents and accessories for laundries and kitchens;
  • Service for the installation and maintenance of equipment and technologies;
  • Supply of spare parts and consumables;
  • Repair of equipment.

The specialists of our company have undergone specialized specialized training, as well as internships at manufacturing plants in Europe, therefore they are qualified to provide a full range of services provided by our company for the design, selection and maintenance of the entire range of equipment and technologies.


The service department of the Sollertis company quickly fulfills the assigned tasks, using in its work a fleet of official vehicles and a full range of necessary tools and special devices, some of which are unique developments of our company’s employees.

What do we offer

Our specialists will develop technology for specific tasks and conditions of the client, calculate the required performance of the equipment and payback of the project, offer the necessary equipment in the correct configuration, efficiently and professionally perform the connection and commissioning of the equipment, train the client’s personnel in correct and safe work – our specialists will do their best. , for the flawless functioning of the system of an object of any level of complexity.

We specialize in projects, but not just direct sales of goods and services. Almost any task for our team is a project designed to best meet the expectations and needs of our customers. If necessary, we always offer several options with equipment and its placement in order to get the most beneficial for the client, while at the same time a functional and correct result – in accordance with the current norms of Ukraine.

To complete our facilities, we offer the most modern products and technologies, the highest quality and most popular equipment from the best world and Ukrainian manufacturers.

In principle, we do not work with equipment and products of low quality and dubious production.

We know what functionality, innovative developments, modern trends, requirements and professional solutions are in our field of activity. We always offer our clients the best solutions with products, technologies, equipment, accessories and our service for the most advanced, efficient and comfortable work.

We carry out high-quality training of our clients’ personnel in correct and safe work on modern equipment, constantly support our clients in their work activities and in solving all assigned tasks.

Our production

The Sollertis company is the official importer and authorized distributor in Ukraine of the world’s leading manufacturers of professional equipment: for restaurant kitchens – Electrolux Professional SPA (Italy), for laundries and dry cleaners – Electrolux Professional AB (Sweden).

The Sollertis company has the honor to be the exclusive importer and distributor in Ukraine of the world’s leading leaders: the manufacturer of

industrial and industrial equipment for laundries Kannegiesser (Germany) and the manufacturer of professional conveyor ovens, grills and XLT hoods (USA).

Also, our company officially imports and represents on the Ukrainian market products of world famous manufacturers, such as: Sagi (Italy), KT (Finland), Sirman (Italy), Coldline (Italy), Franke Food Service (Germany), Universo (Italy) , Cofrimell (Italy), Staff Ice System (Italy), GP Production (Poland), Pavesi (Italy), Macpan (Italy), White-Conveyor (USA), Bernardi (Italy), Sidi Mondial (Italy), Fimar (Italy) ), Forcar (Italy), Zanotti (Italy), and many other leading quality manufacturers.

For our clients, we offer only the best and highest quality equipment, which will make it possible to complete any object in accordance with the latest technologies, the highest requirements and standards. Our specialists carry out activities throughout Ukraine, constantly visiting and serving customers, regularly carrying out planned and operational service of equipment and working technologies.

We guarantee that before being put into operation at the facilities, all the products we represent undergo mandatory factory functional, high-quality inspection and control of manufacturers, as well as a thorough local inspection carried out directly by our specialists on site. Therefore, each of our clients always gets the required result, guaranteed by the reputation of our company. Our company, together with manufacturing partners, responsibly fulfills all warranty obligations, if any.

Our mission

The main mission of the Sollertis company is to provide the most adequate and high-quality result for all our clients. The solution consists not only in the sale of products, equipment and accessories from various manufacturers – we carry out our mission for our customers in integrated solutions for the successful implementation of projects for kitchens of restaurants, laundries and dry cleaners of any complexity. We successfully work with any standard and non-standard tasks and conditions of our clients. We never give up or give up in the face of difficulties.

Our values

The highest value of the Sollertis company is our clients, with each of whom we count on

permanent, developing and long-term relationships.

For a long time we have worked and continue to work, constantly improving the quality of our employees, the working base of our company, creating and constantly strengthening our business reputation, always doing everything possible to maintain it at the highest level!


Our clients support us in the direction of long-term and constantly developing cooperation.


We, the entire team of Sollertis, affirm as our top priority the solution of all tasks posed by any of our clients in our professional field of activity. We strive to always find mutual understanding with each of our clients and be sure to ensure the result in an implemented, high-quality solution – for each of our clients.


Throughout the long-term work of Sollertis, our principles have always remained unchanged:

  • Unconditional and strong focus on the needs of each client;
  • Complex solutions of any level of complexity – “turn key”;
  • Impeccable quality of our products, technologies, service and work in general;
  • Minimum prices and individual terms of cooperation;
  • Continuous and efficient customer support;
  • Maximum return and responsibility in working with clients;
  • High reputation of our company.


We offer and do only what we would choose and do for ourselves. We are real enthusiasts of our business, we are constantly improving and strive for absolute professionalism and quality in our work, because we love and appreciate what we do, we truly appreciate and respect the people with whom we work.


Over its many years of activity, the Sollertis company has successfully implemented a variety of projects of various levels of complexity, not only in Ukraine and abroad.

List of major projects implemented by Sollertis specialists

• “PREMIER PALACE”, hotel *****., Kiev
• “HYATT REGENCY KIEV”, hotel *****., Kiev
• “FAIRMONT GRAND HOTEL KIEV”, hotel *****., Kiev
• “OPERA”, boutique hotel *****., Kiev
• “Donbass Palace”, hotel *****., Donetsk
• “WATERFALL”, hotel *****., Tbilisi, Georgia
• “RADISSON BLU HOTEL PODIL”, hotel **** +, Kiev
• “RADISSON SAS Resort”, hotel **** +, m. Alushta
• “RAMADA”, hotel ****., Donetsk
• “REIKARTZ”, business hotel ****., Donetsk
• “ALFAVITO”, hotel ****., Kiev
• “VICTORIA HOTEL CENTER”, hotel ****., Donetsk
• “MORE”, SPA hotel ****., Alushta
• “MOZART”, hotel ****., Odessa
• “Oreanda”, hotel ****., Yalta
• “Palmira Palace”, resort hotel ****., Yalta
• “RIVIERA”, boutique hotel ****., Kiev
• “GINTAMA”, hotel ***., Kiev
• “NADEZHDA”, hotel ****., Ivano-Frankivsk
• “VICTORIA”, hotel ***., Odessa
• “Prince Golitsyn”, Gostiny Dvor ***., Novy Svet, Crimea
• “Cosmopolite”, hotel ***., Kiev
• “Lybid”, hotel ***., Kiev
• “Magnolia”, boarding house ****., G. Alushta
• “PARK-HOTEL”, hotel ***., G. Chernigov
• “SALUT”, hotel ***., Kiev
• “SONATA”, hotel ***., Lviv
• “ASTORIA”, hotel ****., Lviv
• “DNEPROPETROVSK”, hotel **, metro Dnepr
• “GRAND ADMIRAL RESORT & SPA”, hotel complex., G. Irpin
• “ZALESKI”, hotel complex., G. Lutsk
• “ALTAMIRA”, hotel complex., Lutsk
• “ASS”, health-improving complex with. Pigi, Ivano-Frankivsk region
• “Bakkara”, art hotel on the water, m. Kiev
• “Vezha Vedmezha”, hotel complex, Slavskoe
• “VILLA SOFIA”, boutique hotel., Yalta
• “Helikon”, hotel complex., G. Lvov
• “Landhouse”, hotel, M. Brovary
• “Pushcha-Lesnaya”, hotel complex, with. Moschun, Kiev region
• “SHAKHEREZADA”, hotel complex., Vinnytsia
• “Tripolye”, hotel complex, Obukhovskoe highway
• “VLADIMIRA”, hotel complex., G. Vishnevoe

• “VAPIANO”, a network of restaurants of Italian cuisine, metro Kiev, Lviv
• “Puzata Khata”, a chain of fast food restaurants, Ukraine
• “DOMINO’S PIZZA”, a network of pizzerias., Kiev, Odessa
• “GURAMMA Italia”, restaurant, m. Kiev
• “CHIPOLLINO”, a network of pizzerias., Kiev
• “PIZZA KING”, a network of pizzerias, Ukraine
• “TANDYR”, restaurant, m. Kiev
• “BARVY”, restaurant, m. Kiev
• “SMACOTELLA”, restaurant, m. Kiev
• “ROYAL HAMBURGER”, restaurant, m. Kiev
• “100 STEPS VOLUME FORWARD”, restaurant, m. Kiev
• “ROJO OJO”, restaurant, m. Kiev
• “GOPAK”, restaurant, m. Lviv
• ATELIER 19, restaurant, Lviv

• “Wagon depot Drohobych”, Ukrainian State Railway., G. Drohobych
• Panyutin Wagon Depot, Ukrainian State Railway, Kharkiv region.
• “General Vatutina”, “Princess of the Dnieper”, “Marshal Rybalko”, “MARSHAL
Koshevoy “- ship washing
• “Ukrrichflot”, ship laundry
• “LIMO”, Lviv
• “ROSHEN”, dairy plant., Vinnytsia city. Equipped two enterprises of the company.
• “Farmak”, pharmaceutical plants., Kiev, Shostka
• “GNIDINTSOVSKY Gas Processing Plant” JSC “Ukrnafta”, Varva, Chernigovskaya
• “Myronivsky Hliboproduct” Nasha Ryaba TM. Equipped with fourteen
enterprises of the company in Ukraine
• “Complex Agromars” GAVRILOVSKIE CHICKEN TM, Ukraine. equipped with four
company enterprises in Ukraine
• “Molvest”, dairy plant m. Kremenchug
• “Mriya” knitwear factory, Mukachevo
• “Favor”, a factory for the production of dairy products., Kiev
• APK-INVEST, meat processing plant, Donetsk region.
• “UKRAINIAN BACON”, meat processing plant, Donetsk region.
• “AGRO-ROS”, poultry farm., G. Smela, Cherkasy region.
• “Breeding plant Agroregion”, agricultural factory, Kiev region.
• “MANUFAKTURA”, shopping center, with. Khodoseevka, Kiev region
• “MAISS”, farm, with. Masivtsi, Khmelnytsky region
• Laundry of the State Administration of the President of Ukraine, Kiev
• “GENTERM”, a joint American-Ukrainian production, m. Vinogradov, Transcarpathian region.
• “DAKS”, training center, Chornomorsk, Odessa region.
• “SUPREME PASTRY SCHOOL”, confectionery school., Kharkov
• “ELECTROLUX UKRAINE”, production of household appliances, p. Mikulintsi, Ivanofrankivsk region
• “DTEK Zakhidenergo” Burshtynskaya TPP., G. Burshtyn

• “BLESK”, Kiev
• “SHADEN GROUP”, a network of commercial laundries., Kiev
• “ASM / AKSA-M” network of commercial laundries., Kiev
• “IVA”, metro Donetsk
• “LINDSTROM”, a network of commercial laundries, Ukraine
• “MARYANA”, Shostka
• “Orpheus”., Ternopil
• “OSCAR”, dry cleaning., G. Uman
• “STYRKA”, commercial laundry., G. Kremenchug
• “Flamingo”, commercial laundry m. Kiev
• “SOKOL”, self-service laundry., G. Irpin
• “CRYSTAL”, commercial laundry., G. Yaremche
• “FACTORY WASH”, commercial laundry., Lviv

• “Feofania”, Hospital of the Presidential Administration., Kiev
• “Pushcha-Ozernaya”, sanatorium of the Presidential Administration., Kiev
• “Isis”, maternity center, Kiev
• “AIST”, maternity center, Kiev
• “Pushcha-Voditsa”, sanatorium of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, Kiev
• “SLAVA”, sanatorium, Mirgorod
• “SOSNOVY”, sanatorium-boarding house, Donetsk region.
• “KASHTAN”, children’s health camp, town. Kozin
• “VODOLECHNITSA”, Truskavets
• “SOLNYSHKO”, orphanage, m. Odessa
• Orphanage-boarding school., G. Nezhin, Chernihiv region.
• Orphanage-boarding school., G. Kolomyia, Ivano-Frankivsk region.
• Orphanage-boarding school, with. Zaluchye lower, Snyatinsky district, Ivano-Frankivsk region.
• Novovolynsk lyceum – boarding school., G. Novovolynsk, Volyn region.
• “Derenivskaya bought”, a sanatorium complex, with. Solotvyno, Transcarpathian region

• “VODA”, recreation complex, Bukovel, s. Polyanitsa
• FC “DYNAMO” Kiev, club base, m. Kiev
• FC “METALLIST”, club base, m. Kharkiv
• “AURORA”, beauty and health center, Kiev
• “AQUAMARIN”, fitness center, Kiev
• “AQUAMARIN”, water park, Crimea, Simeiz
• “INOR”, fitness center, Kiev
• “LIKO BEAUTY” Spa salon., Kiev
• “FIVE ROOMS”, sauna club., Kiev
• “PLANET FITNESS”, fitness center, Kiev
• “Viking Bay”, recreation complex, Lviv
• “Koncha – Zaspa”, sanatorium of the Presidential Administration., Kiev
• “LUX”, private residence., Donetsk
• “PURPOSE-CAPITAL”, private residence, Kiev region.
• “KOSMOS”, private residence, with. Pukhovka Kiev region
• “STUGNA”, private residence., G. Obukhov, Kiev region.