Lewis Hamilton Like three races in one day!

Lewis Hamilton won the Tuscany Grand Prix. In the career of the Briton, Mugello became the 27th track on which he managed to achieve victory …

Lewis Hamilton: “It was not an easy walk, it was like we had three races in one day! On this phenomenal track, we had a really hard time.

I had a bad start, at first I was behind Valtteri, and then it was not easy for me to restrain his pressure. Restarts required extreme concentration. It was very, very difficult.

There were no problems with the tires, as I said, the most difficult thing was to work well on restart. In the first segment, I controlled the effectiveness of the tires and could later go to the pit stop, but the team worried about problems with the tires at Valtteri. For the last segment I was given a rolled Soft set, I did not know how many laps it would be effective enough for.

Soon Valtteri appeared literally out of nowhere in the mirrors, although Daniel Riccardo was driving behind me for a while. While I was watching the tires, Valtteri managed to get close, and I tried to maintain the lead for more than a second, because I did not want my partner to use DRS on a long straight 1000 meters or so. The fight was sharp, my heart is about to jump out of my chest – it’s amazing that I managed to win my 90th victory!