Professional equipment
for laundries and dry cleaners

Sollertis LLC has been operating on the market for more than 10 years and specializes in comprehensive equipment of professional equipment, including laundries and dry cleaners in hotel and health complexes, as well as in private households. We not only sell equipment, but also carry out turnkey projects and advise our clients on the selection of optimal solutions for their needs.

Sollertis LLC provides:
• Selection and sale of equipment in hotels, hotel complexes, health complexes,, individuals for household needs;
• Design and technological placement (planning of professional laundry and dry cleaning; placement and arrangement of professional laundry equipment);
• Delivery of equipment to the facility;
• Comprehensive equipment of professional laundries, certified commissioning and delivery of equipment throughout Ukraine,
• Warranty and post-warranty service.

Benefits of working with us

Delivering equipment, we provide warranty and post-warranty service. The company’s service department consists of mobile and fully equipped high-quality specialists who have undergone specialized training, including training at manufacturing plants in Europe.
We constantly work throughout Ukraine, we perform monthly scheduled and operational service of equipment. Employees of our company work in the territorial offices of Kyiv (head office), Odessa, Lviv (commercial and service services) and other cities of Ukraine, where cooperation is established through partner companies.
A separate area of ​​our company is the supply of spare parts and accessories for professional equipment (Electrolux and other leading manufacturers).

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professional equipment for laundries and dry cleaners

    Work examples

    • “PREM’ЄR PALACE”, hotel *****, metro Kiev
    • “INTERCONTINENTAL HOTEL KIEV”, hotel *****, m. Kiev
    • “HYATT REGENCY KIEV”, hotel *****, m. Kiev
    • “FAIRMONT GRAND HOTEL KIEV”, hotel *****, m. Kiev
    • “OPERA”, boutique hotel *****, metro Kiev
    • “DONBAS PALACE”, hotel *****, metro Donetsk
    • “WATERFALL”, hotel *****, m. Tbilisi, Georgia
    • “RADISSON BLU HOTEL PODIL”, hotel **** +, m. Kiev
    • “RADISSON SAS Resort”, hotel **** +, metro Alushta
    • “RAMADA”, hotel ****, m. Donetsk
    • “REIKARTZ”, business hotel ****, m. Donetsk
    • “ALFAVITO”, hotel ****, m. Kiev
    • “VICTORIA HOTEL CENTER”, hotel ****, metro Donetsk
    • “MORE”, SPA hotel ****, m. Alushta
    • “MOZART”, hotel ****, m. Odessa
    • “OREANDA”, hotel ****, m. Yalta
    • “PALMIRA PALACE”, resort hotel ****, m. Yalta
    • “RIV’ЄRA”, butik – hotel ****, metro Kiev
    • “GINTAMA”, hotel ***, m. Kiev
    • “NADIYA”, hotel ****, metro Ivano-Frankivsk
    • “VIKTORIA”, hotel ***, metro Odessa
    • “KNYAZ GOLITSIN”, Gostinniy Dvir ***, metro Noviy Svit, AR Krim
    • “COSMOPOLIT”, hotel ***, metro Kiev
    • “LIBID”, hotel ***, metro Kiev
    • “MAGNOLIYA”, boarding house ****, m. Alushta
    • “PARK-HOTEL”, hotel ***, metro Chernigiv
    • “SALUT”, hotel ***, metro Kiev
    • “SONATA”, hotel ***, m. Lviv
    • “ASTORIA”, hotel ****, m. Lviv
    • “DNIPROPETROVSK”, hotel **, metro Dnipro
    • “GRAND ADMIRAL RESORT & SPA”, hotel complex, m. Irpin
    • “ZALESKI”, hotel complex, metro Lutsk
    • “ALTAMIRA”, hotel complex, metro Lutsk
    • “ASS”, a health complex with. Pigi, Ivano-Frankivska region
    • “BAKKARA”, art-hotel on the water, metro Kiev
    • “VEZHA VEDMEZHA”, hotel complex, Slavske
    • “VILLA SOFIA”, bottle – hotel, m. Yalta
    • “GELIKON”, hotel complex, metro Lviv
    • “LANDHOUSE”, hotel, m. Brovary
    • “PUSHCHA-LISOVA”, hotel complex, with. Moschun, Kiev region
    • “SHAKHEREZADA”, hotel complex, m. Vinnytsya
    • “TRIPILLA”, hotel complex, Obukhivskoy shose
    • “U VOLODIMIR”, hotel complex, metro Vishneve

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